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Monday, February 27, 2017

Knitting Camp

The brochure for Camp is finished and you can view it here...

We are excited that Beth Casey (owner of Lorna's Laces) and Fiona Ellis will be joining us again this year.

Workshops for the Knitters Frolic go on sale Wednesday morning. Don't miss out.

Beth is on her way home. I called her as her plane was boarding to make sure that she got on. I was afraid she was going to stay for the week and get more golf in.
Dad and Lucy took her to the airport. What a pair. Can you imagine pulling up beside them at a stop light?

A newsletter just went out. We've had problems with newsletters not being delivered so I changed to MailChimp. It is a small learning curve but I think I'm getting it. If you don't receive the newsletter, you can sign up in the top right hand corner of the blog.

There wasn't much knitting for me today. Here is a scarf that Beth is working on. She didn't take it with her for fear of having it covered in dog hair and dog slobber.
It's her Crazy scarf in Rockshelter Sock. When I brought the yarn home she grabbed these two skeins right away. Now to get her knitting faster so we can hang it in the store.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


My Find Your Fade in Life in the Long Grass. I'm into the third colour.
I couldn't help myself. There is another one going in Rockshelter Sock. I thought that I was going to get more knit today but I was busy flipping between the golf and the Daytona 500.

An email came today about Stephen West's MKAL that is starting this week.
We will be holding 2 strands of yarn together to create beautiful marled sections!
Gather at least 800g of yarn to work with for your Mystery Shawl palette. I recommend combining colors you love and enhancing them with something extra special from your LYS.
Join the MKAL on Ravelry
I pulled out a pile of fingering weight yarn this afternoon. I have yarn from
-Lorna's Laces
-Mrs. Crosby
-Life in the Long Grass
-Frabjous Fibers

There are still a few days before we start. I think I need a few more speckles. I'm going to take my pile to the store tomorrow to see what I can add.

Feed Me! This was at breakfast this morning. Beth said that she is very good and lies down while everyone is eating but she was coaxed into doing this for a good picture. That is one big head.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

More Rainbows

Wannietta sent a close up of her cardigan last night. It's looking good. I can't wait until we have the finished cardigans in the store.
Here is a close up of the twisted stitch patterning along the waist. You can see gradient quality of the greens here!! Frabjous is aces at this. 
I left the pic sideways as this is how the garment will be worn. 342 stitches per row makes for rather slow visible progress, but it's coming along!

There were new shades of Fortuna in the box from Classic Elite. This yarn is a great combination of linen, viscose and cotton.
Summery shades with a tone-on-tone dye effect. The same wonderful drape and fabulous fiber combination as self-striping Bella Lino.

Farrah (pattern purchased on Ravelry) is knit in Fortuna.
An A-line tunic worked in stockinette with handkerchief points at lower edge.
The Summer Poncho (pattern free on Ravelry) can be knit in Fortuna.

Outline is finished. All the ends are sewn in and it's blocked. I love Skinny Singles from Hedgehog Fibres. It blocks out beautifully.

Mom and dad (and Lucy) have been in Myrtle Beach for a week. Beth flew down for the weekend. I sent her this picture last night to let her know that the dogs were good.
This is what I got back.
Lucy is ready to head to the dog park. 

 Someone is very tired after the dog park.

Friday, February 24, 2017


I had my post almost finished when this picture came from Lynda. It needs to be the lead story tonight.
This is coming along quite nicely.  My plan is to finish second sleeve over the weekend and pick up and knit the front border and shawl color next week.
Rainbows in the Gorge in the Enchanted Woodland colourway.

I 'borrowed' this picture from Wannietta's blog.
I took a bit to get going on this piece. I was ultra aware of the gauge - I am normally quite tight in my rows, which would be problematic with this construction as the rows are counted and accuracy is crucial. Julie specifically said to go up a needle size, so I was worried about being too loose.
It is almost spot on, the stitch gauge is a twitchy bit loose, but the length is on target, so I'm not displeased.

We are still unpacking. Today it's a box from Classic Elite and there are two new yarns. The first is called Yuri.

A central leaf lace panel is flanked with stockinette stitch and bordered with more leaf lace to form a sculptural wavy edge.
Generously sized, this rectangular wrap is worked end to end in one piece.
The pattern for Ayame can be purchased on Ravelry...

See all the patterns for Yuri on Ravelry...

A year round yarn in a sock weight that does so much more than socks, Yuri is made from incredibly soft merino (21 micron) and comes in ten tonally dyed shades. The merino is spun and dyed in Peru and grown in Uruguay, where it is certified to be from woolgrowers that do not practice museling on their sheep. The tone-on-tone dye effect adds a subtle depth to the floral inspired colors.
 Hanako is another new yarn.
Cotton and linen combine for a classic summery yarn in a popular worsted weight. The long wearing linen fiber has a subtle sheen and adds body; Cotton adds stitch definition and softness. This yarn gets even softer the more it's worn and the light and vibrant palette is perfect for warm weather wear. The generous yardage per hank makes Hanako a good value.
50% cotton
50% linen
20 stitches = 4" on 4.5mm needles
200m (220 yards) on a skein

There are seven designs for Hanako - see them on Ravelry

Hanako is a true worsted weight yarn. Take a look at the sweaters in the search I did on Ravelry...  There are some great designs - choosing could be hard.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Colours

We thought we were unpacked and then Mr. Canpar brought more boxes today. We are stocked on shopping bags for the store and there was also a big box of Debbie Bliss yarn.

We have new colours of Rialto Luxury Sock from Debbie Bliss. Cathy (above) and Wannietta (to the left) made ZickZack (free pattern on Ravelry) with very different colour combinations. You need 2 balls - 1 of each colour.
A beautiful wool blend which comes in rainbow shades with a touch of tweed.
Yarn Weight: Sock Weight
Blend: 75% Wool 25% Polyamide
Meterage: 400m
Needles: 2.25mm (US) – 3mm (US)
Tension: 30–36 stitches and 40–48 rows to 10cm/4in) square
Meadowside (pattern purchased on Ravelry) is knit with 2 balls as well. One ball each of two different colours.

There was another big box filled with Zara from Filatura di Crosa. Who doesn't love to knit with 100% merino wool from Italy?
The Library Vest (pattern purchased on Ravelry) looks amazing in Zara. Our sample is the finished 43" size and it took 13 balls.

Our friends at Estelle Designs sent a great book and ball winder to go in the gift basket for the Food Drive. There is still another week to make a donation.
The next clue to the Ambah MKAL is out. It is taking a very different direction tonight. From Ambah
Your Hale-Bopp Shawl is going to take on a new direction now.

Don’t be alarmed if you use the rest of MC and CC1 in this clue, it is as it should be….

I’m looking forward to watching these grow.

There’s 2 weeks for Clue 3. Not quite as much knitting as clue two, but I wanted to make sure there was time for folks to catch up in time for Clue 4.
It's time to get knitting.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Earth Stripe Wrap

Today was about unpacking boxes. Ms. UPS brought in 4 first thing this morning. Then Mr. Canpar brought in a big box. We also received a shipment of boxes that we use for mail orders. The store is in a bit of chaos tonight.

Rockshelter Sock arrived and looks amazing. The colours look good online but wait until you see them in person.
This is 86 Gifting and 99 Bequeathed Treasure. Beth is going to combine them for a scarf.
Find Your Fade
146, 144, 65, 38, 98, 122, 133

A box arrived from Rowan with Felted Tweed and Kidsilk Haze.
A multitude of distinct tones are blended, combined, striped, and fully united in the extraordinary Earth Stripe Wrap. Designed by internationally renowned textile artist Kaffe Fassett, it was first released by Rowan in 2007. A decade later, we’re still in awe of the masterful use of color—all hues aligning to create one outstanding vision.

Fourteen skeins in ten different shades of Rowan Kidsilk Haze knit up into this generous, fringed wrap. Over the years, several of the original Kidsilk Haze colors have been discontinued (sigh!). However, the good people at Rowan have found just the right substitutes! If you made it before, you may find yourself wanting to make it again. 

Two different colors of Kidsilk Haze are held together in multiple combinations throughout, creating a lofty DK-weight fabric. And the super kid mohair/silk combination has that warm glow we’ve always loved. A truly timeless piece.

The pattern is a free download on Ravelry.

We are well stocked in Kidsilk Haze right now. Don't forget - I love to play with colours if you want to come up with a different combination.

The finished shawl is stunning. People will stop you as you are walking down the street - it is that beautiful.

Kim knit the Earth Stripe Wrap and loved every minute of the knitting. It is so much fun to see how the colours are going to work together.

That leaves a few more boxes to tell you about. I'm going to save that for tomorrow. Now I'm going to sit down and write a newsletter. We've moved from Constant Contact to Mail Chimp. Hopefully this means that everyone will receive the newsletters.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Colours

We've had a bit of fun with our shipment of Rockshelter Sock. Someone wasn't paying attention when they filled out the brokerage documents at Meadowcroft Dyeworks and they valued the shipment at over $2,000,000. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Two million dollars. That is either a lot of yarn or very expensive yarn. Things were straightened out today and hopefully the yarn will be here late tomorrow afternoon. The website will be updated tomorrow evening.

My Find Your Fade so far. I'm supremely jealous tonight. Beth has a new iPhone 7. We did picture comparisons and her phone takes better pictures than mine. Whenever I can, I'll be borrowing her phone for photos from now on.

We unpacked some new colours from Sirdar this afternoon.

Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter Dk is a gorgeously soft yarn with an incredible Fair Isle colour effect that appears as you knit. Inspired by the gentlest colours of the Scotland Highlands, Snuggly Baby Crofter Dk is the same wonderfully soft blend of 55% nylon and 45% acrylic as Snuggly Dk, and is machine washable and easy care. This yarn will also knit to all Sirdar double knitting baby patterns.

Baby Bamboo has been a favourite for baby and adult knitting since it's release.
Specially developed to be incredibly soft, gentle and smooth for Baby, this yarn is a new blend with natural bamboo and wool fibres. It will keep its quality through gentle machine washing.
If you're ready to start thinking about your summer knitting, two new colours of Sirdar Cotton DK were in the box.

We have created this fabulous cotton double knitting yarn for hand knit and crochet projects – it can be used to create designs for all the family from babies to adults and looks equally gorgeous in projects for the home. The yarn is made using mercerized cotton to create a subtle sheen and incredible stitch definition so it’s the perfect yarn for lace knitting, cables and crochet work. This Cotton DK is a classic double knitting yarn that will knit to all Sirdar’s DK designs and is machine washable.
Now it's time for tea, Love it or List it and Find Your Fade.